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Our Story

Dreaming Tree Online Academy is a centre for excellence. Our passion for education, literacy and the arts permeates the Academy courses and the personalized support we provide our students.

With an ever-expanding selection of subjects to choose from, our goal is to partner with you, enabling you to reach your goals in an enjoyable way, from the comfort of your own home.

Learn at your own pace and reap the many rewards of studying online.

Dreaming Tree Academy is here to see you achieve your dreams, with your end-goal in mind, as we take each step together.

Why is the Academy called Dreaming Tree?

In most cultures around the globe, there are magic, holy and special trees.  From the Bodhi tree, that is said to be the tree under which Buddha received enlightenment, to the medicine trees of Africa, India and the Philippines, to the wishing trees of Japan, England, Scotland, Ireland, Turkey, Hong Kong and America.  The Tree of Life is a symbol which graces many cultures around the world too, with some even believing that it is sacred trees that hold the sky up, and provide us with a portal between heaven, earth and hell.  Indeed, the Tree of Life has even become a symbol for the nourishment and bond between a mother and her children.

The name Dreaming Tree is the perfect fit for this online academy.  Trees are strong, they have deep roots and know where they stand.  They are able to adapt and evolve according to their environment, they bend under pressure but seldom break.  When they do break, more often than not, they will rebuild themselves from what is left.  Life runs through them and they commune with their brother and sister trees through vast networks under the ground, hormones that they share and the quiet wisdom of instinct.  Trees do not fight nature.  They use her to blossom, grow, radiate bright colours and take time to rest. 

As lifelong learners, we take comfort from the majestic Tree and learn from this amazing species, as we too strive to blossom, grow, radiate and rest when we need to.

“It is the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.”  Paulo Coelho

At Dreaming Tree Online Academy, we want to see you achieve your dreams.  Our dream for you is that you reach your full potential and embrace the joy of learning and the freedom and excitement that comes with success. 

Make wishes, turn them into dreams, make plans and see them come true.

“Long before these crowded streets, here stood my dreaming tree.  Below it he would sit, for hours at a time.” Dave Matthews

May you find a home with us.  A place of safety, a shelter from the storm.  A place of encouragement, magic and growth as you reach for the sky and achieve your dreams.

What Our Students Have to Say

What a joy to work with Kelly! Kelly has the patience and ability to create a learning environment where out-of-the-box thinking, uniqueness, quirkiness and creativity are not just allowed, but encouraged and celebrated. The ideal place for a music student to learn music, while loving every moment of the journey!

Christelle Former colleague at Star Gazers Music Studio

Kelly taught my daughter Kyra for 2 years. She has so much patience and love for teaching Violin! Her workshops were so much fun and so interactive! My daughter was never bored with Kelly when it came to Violin! Her lessons were fun and never a dull moment! We still miss Kelly at our school!

Lisa Student Parent

Kelly is, in my personal opinion, the best teacher that I have ever had. Not only is she warm and friendly but she really cares for her students and goes beyond the extra mile to help them in achieving their goals and potential. She never makes you feel less than another student and believes in you with such passion that you believe you can achieve anything. She makes you feel comfortable and has such a vibrant energy that being in her class is just an absolute joy. Antonet

Antonet Student

Kelly is a fantastically energetic and enthusiastic sign language teacher. Her lessons are well thought out and prepped, oh and such fun to take. Anyone looking for a great sign language teacher must definitely get in touch with Kelly.

Kirsten Student